Creative Learning Design & Strategy

for organizations and entrepreneurs who want to share their expertise


Creative Learning Design & Strategy

for organizations and entrepreneurs who want to share their expertise

You have an idea for course or membership

and you have plenty of content to share

Your audience could be bigger...and you want to help more people that you can see in a day

Perhaps, you've done workshops presentations, & you've got a ton of awesome ideas for books, courses and memberships,

but, they're sitting on your computer. If only you could get them organized!

If your Organization offers in person training and now needs to pivot to online offerings.

You have plenty of courses and instructors but you need someone to project manage the transition, Train Your Trainers AND setup all the tech.

Your 1:1 services are filling your schedule & you could serve more people with courses,

But creating a Legacy Learning Space has got you feeling confused because there’s just TOO MUCH TECH! What should I do? How can I market it? There are SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!

You’re not alone.

Hi! I'm a Course Designer & Strategist

I speed up the process for online course creators who want to get their offers out, but are struggling with putting all the pieces and tech together. I have a step by step roadmap that I work through to get you to launch.

I help business owners bring their expertise online with courses and membership sites. I’ve worked as a teacher, a software trainer a marketing executive and an event planner. I have a M.Ed plus 15 years experience developing curriculum at the graduate level.

With with a little bit of training and help from me, we'll have your content published before you know it!

I transform coaching into curriculum

A Closer Look at



I help you take your course idea and plan your strategy, publish and outline your curriculum.

You'll come away with:

Customized Course Funnel Map

A Curriculum Outline & Digital Content Plan

Platform Customized ready for content

A Coming Soon Page Setup

A Customized Lead Magnet


Create engaging and effective curriculum with best practices from an experienced instructional designer.

I work as your content co-producer

Video Editing

Slide Design

Workbook & eBook Design

Checklists, Worksheets, Planners & Journals

Inclusive Content Considerations

Course Coaching

From brainstorming marketing ideas to curriculum development we can show you our process for making a course come alive. Together we can

Build momentum on a project,

Bounce ideas around,

Upgrade your tech know-how,

Clarify your direction, I'll hold you accountable,

and I'll be your personal solution finder.

Custom Scheduling at your pace

CORPORATE Course Development

I've worked with many corporate clients transitioning their training from in person to online. Many clients need a fractional CLO (Chief Learning Officer) managing the learning arm of their business.

Custom Proposals & Packages

Course PROMOTION: Funnel Design

As a Certified Master Marketer for Funnel Gorgeous, I consider offer creation, copy and page design. These are all critically important when birthing and launching a course. You want to hire a consultant who has digital marketing experience, and can advise and strategize on the type of funnel you might need, AND can also build it.

Let's clear up your burning questions and kick off a plan

Book A Call

Tell Me About Your Project

We'll both commit to your goals

Accountability & Action

Transform Ideas

Lindsey was a joy to work with from start to finish. She's personable, professional, and responsive to questions and email communication. Her audit of my Thinkific site was well-organized and thorough, and her suggestions on how to improve my course site were easy to follow and implement. Before Lindsey's feedback, I was afraid my student's experience wouldn't be the best it could be. I can now launch my course with confidence. Thank you, Lindsey!

Valerie D.

Lindsey Barlow was such a pleasure to work with. She was patient and took her time to help me in every way. I was very lucky to have found her through the Thinkific site. I would recommend her highly. She also was very helpful and quick to respond when our session was over. I would gladly do business with her again!

Lucie M.

Lindsey really knows what she is talking about. She took the time to really understand my course concept & the vibe I wanted to present to my students. I had fumbled around outlining my course for 6 months- but making the financial investment with Lindsey proved fruitful within 1 month of hiring her. She provided great service with understanding & empathy for my challenges. I really appreciated that Lindsey was super hands-on with "showing" me what she was doing. I can now self-manage the site with competency but if I need her, she will be my go-to. Because of working with Lindsey, I was able to achieve a major milestone - 4 online courses published!!

Charlene W.

Charlene Wright course client

Lindsey was such an amazing help in getting my course from an idea to being published. I really don’t think I could have done it without her! She really invested time in understanding my business, was generous with her knowledge and expertise. With her guidance and encouragement I became more confident working my way around Thinkific. It was definitely worth the investment! Thank you Lindsey! You were a dream to work with! Judy

Certified Master Marketer

The partner you can trust & have fun working with...

I'm here to build your ideas!

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