Course Development & Strategy

for businesses & entrepreneurs who want more impact, income & inspiration

Creative Learning Design & Strategy

for organizations and entrepreneurs who want more impact, income & inspiration

course development: funnel tech:
digital marketing

I help purpose-driven clients create life-changing courses, workshops, six figure memberships, and multi-course academies.

I manage the tech to make them run on auto-pilot.

Plus, I provide marketing strategy for your ongoing profitable sales.

video mini training & workbook

Roadmap to a Profitable Course Mini Training

Roadmap to a Profitable Course Ebook by Lindsey Barlow, Course Development Specialist

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It was definitely worth the investment!

Lindsey was such an amazing help in getting my course from an idea to being published. I really don’t think I could have done it without her! She really invested time in understanding my business, was generous with her knowledge and expertise. With her guidance and encouragement I became more confident working my way around Thinkific. It was definitely worth the investment! Thank you Lindsey! You were a dream to work with!

learning design services

Thoughtfully crafted packages for all budgets & timelines - designed for expansion & growth of your course business.

Course development

Lindsey Barlow - Thinkific Expert

Course Development, Digital Marketing & Funnel Tech.Producing your course, providing funnel design & setup. You hand over the reins to an expert and are left with a swath of free-time. Starting at $5000

finish line intensive

Finish Line Intensive Illustration showing Audience, Content and Teaching

The one month experience that helps you finally finish your course. I take care of the tech, help you craft your course funnel, and review you curriculum. Come away with clarity, confidence and a course ready to launch complete with a waitlist.


Laptop and Momentum Guide for Coaching Service by Lindsey Barlow Course Development Specialist

You could try spending hours of your time creating your course alone but in Sprint90 you get all the guidance you need. We have coworking for Momentum & 1:1 Office Support gets you across the finish line. $197/month

who am I?

I am one of the Thinkific Approved Experts and an FGFunnels Pro with an M. Ed. in teaching with online technology.

Lindsey Barlow - Thinkific Expert

I'm not a traditional instructional designer.

I started my career in marketing, transitioned to teaching and got a Masters in Education with internet technologies. I am an early adopter who stays on the edge of how tech and tools can make learning more effective and engaging. I believe learning is available in many places for a company.

In my role as strategist, I help you identify how learning design can best meet your goals. Learn more about how I can help you bring my expertise in marketing and instructional design to help you rock your next course.

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Lindsey Barlow - Thinkific Expert
Funnel Gorgeous Certified Pro, Lindsey Barlow, Course Development
Certified Graduate of the DesignClass Course, Lindsey Barlow, Course Development


you need more than an e-learning designer...

You need someone who understands how to structure engaging curriculum; and is a strategist with expertise in the digital marketing landscape, who can develop your individualized plan and choose the right technology to seamlessly integrate your course into your business.

Client Results

Is this you?

Check out some of the purpose-driven course businesses I've helped build.


EMDR Courses Logo, Lindsey Barlow - Course Development


With the goal to bring EMDR healing to more first responders & trauma victims, this client wanted an effective online learning platform that could train & certify new trauma therapists. The brief called for an application funnel and setup of Thinkific-based modules for delivery. My client now saves hours each week as her application process and payments are fully automated and she has a repeatable process for each cohort.


Client Of Lindsey Barlow - Course Development


This client started with hiring me for a sales page for a single course. Now, two years later, we've created an education center with courses, masterclasses & a community. We've also developed a conference website turning the sessions into digital products. Additionally, we've created a funnel for a free course into the existing course.

We've integrated a marketing plan to ensure everyone is up to date on all the additions. This client's dream education center generated six figures in November 2023 alone.


Client Of Lindsey Barlow - Course Development


This client came with an educational video for her first course. She wanted a curriculum consult to ensure her course would succeed. Our recommendation was to create a branded companion document to accompany the course. This detailed info on the flowers used and their alternatives, in-depth supplies list and ecological considerations - everything needed to ensure success for her students!


Lindsey Barlow - Course Development


My design and tech services made an invaluable contribution to the successful launch of a financial modeling training company's new suite of self-study courses. I was instrumental in ensuring their new learning management platform gave intuitive access to students while remaining consistent with their branding objectives - creating a seamless user experience.


Lindsey Barlow - Course Development


A talented DEI coach stepped into the e-learning space to bring her skills and experience to a whole new level. After over six months of intense curriculum & project collaboration, we produced an impressive set of over 15 DEI courses that were successfully licensed out by top corporations - achieving my clients' original vision in full!


Lindsey Barlow - Course Development


A parenting expert, with two best-selling books, had a vision to take her mission of helping parents one step further - building a membership group parents could turn to for advice, support and guidance. With our curriculum consulting services, technology expertise & launch campaign planning she was able make this dream become reality; now serving over 800 members with an amazing five figure per month program!



Claire Lindsey Learning LLC is committed to creating learning experiences with clients where all identities feel welcome and comfortable in being and expressing themselves. We embrace all genders, ages, cultures, ancestries, ethnicities, races, colors, sexual orientations, physical abilities, learning styles, religions, familial statuses, marital statuses, occupations, veteran statuses, nationalities, citizenships, and socio-economic statuses.

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