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Coworking Reminder Automation in FGFunnels

June 01, 20245 min read

The Common Double Automation to save you time & help your students get the most out of their membership

Does managing your membership program's live meetings feel like a constant juggling act? You offer valuable weekly or monthly sessions, but reminding everyone across different time zones can be a nightmare. Manually sending emails every week is time-consuming, relying on social media is not a strategy as so few clients will see it in time, and a single monthly reminder might get lost in the shuffle.

There's a better way! This blog post will show you how to leverage FGFunnels automation to create a set-it-and-forget-it system for sending recurring meeting reminders. It ensures your members get notified at the right time, regardless of their location, freeing you up to focus on running successful meetings.

I use this exact automation combination for my Course Creation Coaching & Coworking Program

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Let's Dive In

1. What is an Automation

Marketing automation is like a set of autopilot instructions for your marketing tasks. It uses software to automatically handle repetitive actions, like sending emails or adding contacts to lists, based on triggers you set. This frees you up to focus on more strategic marketing initiatives.

You've likely experienced marketing automation if you ever received a welcome email after signing up for a service, a reminder email about a cart you abandoned while shopping online, or even received a birthday discount email from a store you haven't shopped at in a while.

2. A Proven Approach to Save You Time - and learn how powerful automations can be

Marketing automation lets you ditch the manual tasks and free up your time to focus on what matters most. In FGFunnels, you can build these automations visually, with no coding required.

Simple Yet Powerful:

There us no need to be intimidated by the initial view. FGFunnels offers a set of clear-cut options, allowing you to build your automations step-by-step. Each step can be customized to your specific needs, making the possibilities endless.

Automate Common Tasks, Like:

*Tagging customers:** Automatically assign labels (tags) to contacts based on their actions, like purchasing a product. This helps you segment your audience for targeted marketing campaigns.

*Welcome emails:** Send automated emails with login details or instructions after someone buys a product, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience.

These are just a few examples, and FGFunnels allows you to build automations for a wide range of marketing scenarios.

3. Step by Step Coworking Reminder Automation SetUp

In this automation we are running two automations that are connected together. This makes it more flexible, and easier to track. The solution I found in FGFunnels is to create a mini automation for the reminder. And then as each member is welcomed to the program, add to that welcome automation, an extra step that puts them into the reminder automation.

This means instead of having one big complicated automation you can take advantage of the add to workflow instruction and have a simpler separate workflow for the reminder.

  1. Create the reminder automation first.

  2. Set it to wait for a certain time and day, an hour before the meeting perhaps.

  3. Then when it reaches that time and day it sends an email reminder.

  4. Have it wait a minute or 5.

  5. Set a Go to command and loop it back to the beginning so it is set to wait for that time and day again.

The purchase workflow or welcome to the program automation would have this added step.

  1. Membership Grant Offer Command.

  2. Add to Workflow Command.

  3. Choose the reminder workflow, so your new member will get the reminder email every week.

If you have a holiday or a change in schedule, you just have to alter the reminder workflow for a different time, or set it to draft for a week, so it doesn't run during the holiday.

4. Build Stronger Customer Connections

So, automations are just the tool you use to make your business run smoother, and frees you up from a lot of everyday tasks. The automations can make your relationship with your customers closer as it allows you to add some personal touches ironically.

  1. Personalized Welcome Series: Set up an automated email drip campaign that kicks off after a customer subscribes or makes their first purchase. Include a warm welcome email, information about your brand story and values, and a special offer or discount. Segment the series further based on purchase history or demographics for a more personal touch.

  2. Birthday & Anniversary Reminders: Automate birthday and anniversary emails with personalized greetings, exclusive discounts, or early access to new products. This shows you care about individual customers and adds a celebratory touch.

  3. Feedback & Review Requests: Send automated follow-up emails after a purchase or service experience. Request feedback and incentivize reviews with loyalty points or discounts. This two-way communication demonstrates you value their opinion and builds trust.

  4. Smart Re-Engagement Campaigns: Recover lost engagement by sending automated win-back emails to inactive customers. Segment these campaigns based on past behavior and offer relevant product recommendations, loyalty program updates, or exclusive content. This personalized approach can reignite interest.

  5. Post-Purchase Support & Educational Content: Automate post-purchase emails with helpful resources related to the purchased product. Include tutorials, care instructions, or complementary product recommendations. This ongoing support demonstrates expertise and fosters long-term customer relationships.

By personalizing these automations and focusing on value rather than just promotion, you can build stronger customer connections even with automated tools.

What Automation Do You Want to Implement Next?

You're a few clicks away from an easier day, as systems and automation can be your first online assistant!

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