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FG Funnels: Funnel Drops Explained

January 19, 20236 min read

One of the unique features of FG funnels is that the designs of both funnels and websites are available right inside the software. in addition new designs are available for you to request inside your account every few months.

What is a funnel drop?

One of the unique features of FG funnels is that the designs of both funnels and websites are available right inside the software. in addition new designs are available on request inside your account every few months. A funnel drop is when a whole branded series of funnels and a website template are “dropped” into your account, ready to use.

You get

  • A webinar funnel

  • An SLO funnel

  • A lead funnel

  • A five page website

  • And an Assets Library

The most recent funnel drop is a branded design is called Rise. A screenshot is above. These Funnel drops are what sets apart FG funnels from other Go High Level accounts. It is definitely one of the advantages of creating an account on FG funnels over using GHL yourself or using another white labeled Go High Level account.

These templates not only have the design structure built-in but they also have copy prompts so it makes it much quicker for you to create copy for each of your funnels and for your website because you've given ideas as you're working to customize the templates.

Often some of the courses that are run by FG funnels, for example launch gorgeous, include exclusive funnel drops. This is how I got to use Rise ahead of time.

The Course Catalyst Template Kit

How to find your funnel drops

Once you get inside the software on the left hand menu you can request a collection. this is where the magic happens. you just select "request a collection" and then there's a drop-down menu with all of the different funnel and website designs and each one includes a preview link so you can go and look at it and then you just select the one that you want and wait, not even an hour, and you will see the website and the final drops inside your account.

To find your files you would then go to your sites and then inside sites there is a horizontal menu at the top where you can navigate to your website, to your funnels folders and files.

How to clone your funnel drop

As you can see from the screenshot below inside your funnels section you're going to see the folders that say - DO NOT BUILD IN THIS FUNNEL.

What you want to do is have a look inside these folders and you're going to see the original funnels within you designs. You want to keep those templates untouched and make a copy or clone to customize.

FG Funnels Funnel Drops

To clone the funnel you go to the folder and you can see the drop down that says clone. Select clone and it willmake a copy.

Don't Miss The Assets Folder

You're also going to see an asset folder also. This assets folder is key to using these designs throughout your marketing and branding.

Preview the assets for your Funnel Drop

You want to make sure that you preview this page as you can see from the image above.

Rise Assets Page for FGFunnels Preview

From this Assets page there are links to canva assets and there are also tutorials on how to edit those canva assets. You'll find the font files on this page and also the brand colors on this page as well. In every collection there's going to be an assets page like this. You can use these canva Assets in different parts of your brand. For example if you're making a checklist or a lead Magnet or you're creating navigation icons for your course you can brand them with the Rise theme and it makes it very versatile to expand the Branding that you got inside if you funnels to other assets that you have in your course.

Stay organized with FG funnels funnel drops

When you are downloading these assets & templates into your FG funnels account your FG funnels list of funnels and websites can get quite long. It's easy to organize though, you create a folder and then you can put all of the templates that you're not going to change all of those original files inside that folder and then the only files that you see when you open your funnels page will be the funnels that you're actually using. FGfunnels does put them in the order in which they've been edited and so it's easy to find which one was the one I edited a week ago or which one I worked on 3 months ago, so you can navigate to your files with this in mind.  

If all else fails you can always download a fresh copy of a funnel drop template and start from scratch. This is often a good way to go because the funnels do get updated occasionally and do you want to make sure that you working on the latest version.

Multiple domains and multiple funnels

Why would you need so many options? I know one of the questions you might have is why would I need so many funnels. well if you're an entrepreneur you're going to have a list of domains as long as your list of ideas for products, courses and services. With FG funnels you do have unlimited domains so you can have a custom domain for each offer there's no limits.

For your courses and your course Hub you're going to have one subdomain or one domain that's the only restriction so your membership site will always be one domain.

Need A Tour?

In conclusion, FG funnels is providing users with an unparalleled advantage over other similar software. Not only do you get access to their proprietary funnel designs and website templates but they also make sure that designs are available on request within your account, updated with a frresh design every few months. For those who don't have the expertise or resources to design their own custom funnel, using FG funnels’, funnel drops offer a great solution as you get access to ready-made branded designs that look professional and modern. The most recent “Rise” drop contains Webinar Funnel, SLO Funnel, Lead Funnel, Five Page Website and an Assets Library - offering everything you need for a successful online marketing campaign! If this sounds like something useful for your business, I'm happy to give you a quick tour and provide details on how to get your site customized! Check out all the details here

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